Stacey Forsey – Sweet Treats

With my very first book, Scrumplicious Sweet Treats for sale, I have been reflecting on the path I took to get here. Amidst all the excitement that comes with releasing the book, there have been many tough times along the way that have brought me to this point. Writing the book has been a real labor of love for me and comes from my own personal experiences. For years, I have struggled with my health, starting from when I was just a child and plagued with eczema. By age 7 I had every allergy you could imagine, and this was just the start of a very long road. Throughout my life, I have suffered from a whole range of illnesses and ailments, which only in later years of drifting into depression and feeling hopeless, did I discover these could be managed by managing the food I was putting into my body. It took copious amounts of visits to the doctor followed by a nutritionist and a vast amount of tests. But it finally led me to being diagnosed as yeast, gluten, dairy and egg intolerant and allergic to several foods. When I finally found out what had caused me so much upset it was a relief.


With this relief also came the pain of realizing I could no longer enjoy those little treats that we all like to indulge in every now and again! I could put it to one side, but when I realized my own daughter was suffering from some of the same intolerances and issues that I had, I felt dreadful. It was unfair that she, any other child, or any grown-up for that matter had to feel singled out simply due to their dietary needs. This made me spring into action and after lots of research and talking to various nutritionists and dieticians I found ways I could still indulge in all those treats that I initially thought were ‘off-limits’.

I’ve poured my heart into creating this collection of lip-smacking cakes, muffins, brownies, puddings and desserts all gluten, dairy and egg-free and where possible made with no refined sugars that haven’t been compromised in taste or texture and if you were blindfolded, I promise you wouldn’t know the difference to their traditional counterpart. Every recipe has been lovingly crafted and tried and tested by myself and some very happy helpers.

My book is now available for pre-order. As well as being filled with beautiful photography and ideas for every occasion, you can read my full story on how I went from living in pain, feeling constantly frustrated and uncertain – to enjoying every day and feeling positively scrumptious!

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