Stacey Forsey – My morning pick me up..

My morning pick me up..
by Stacey Forsey

18 April 2017

I love trying out new recipes and this morning ‘pick me up’ is my favourite. Having searched high and low for a granola which didn’t have either butter (dairy) oats, which can effect me sometimes or cashew nuts which I am intolerant to. I thought it was about time I got in the kitchen and made my own. And so my signature granola was born.

It’s super good for you, and if you suffer from food intolerances like me, it’s the perfect care free boost in the morning with all ingredients being 100% organic.

Why not have a go?


The following makes a weeks worth and fills a 1.5L glass jar;

250g Almonds

250g Hazelnuts

250g Pecans

250g Walnuts

3 tbs Desiccated coconut

3 tbs Chia seeds

150g Dried cranberries

A good glug of Pure Maple syrup

2 tbs agave nectar

Pinch of salt

So easy to make… pre heat your oven to 200c. Line a large baking tray with parchment foil. In a food processor, roughly chop each nut except the pecans. You can individually hand chop the pecans. Place all ingredients in a large glass bowl and mix very well.

I say a good glug of pure male syrup as I think it’s personal choice on how sweet and golden you want it to be. I measure about 3 tbs. Mix well and make sure all the ingredients are coated.

Evenly spread onto your baking tray and place in the oven. You need to keep a careful eye as you are roasting the granola on a high heat. Leave in oven for 10 minutes then remove and gently fold/stir the mixture to roast all granola. Repeat again after another 10 minutes then again after another 5-10 mins or until golden brown.

Remove and allow to cool a little. Gently break up the granola and fold in the cranberries. As the granola cools randomly mix gently to make sure it doesn’t all stick together.

Once completely cool place in a jar ready for the week ahead!

I love to add fresh fruit… great with pears and grapes or a bowl full of strawberries and blue berries. Obviously if you can have dairy then I’m sure natural yogurt would be a nice addition too and the granola is great sprinkled on top of my sweet potato chocolate brownies 😉

See blog – My Sweet Potato Brownies

I store my granola in a glass clip top jar. That way it always stays fresh – better than plastic containers.

Here’s to happy mornings!