Stacey has just finished her 5th series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITVBe, a challenge that has proved to be an amazing journey and a real learning curve. Experiencing extraordinary highs alongside some unforeseen lows but, ultimately, forming and maintaining some life-long friendships.

Stacey has a whole host of passions and interests some of which have been explored on the show. Over the following pages, Stacey will keep you regularly updated, taking you on a journey from current inspirations for her unique artwork, a great guide from her travels, her style tips or a healthy alternative recipe.

Although Stacey is a busy, hands-on wife and mother, whilst looking after her children Zac and Grace she has managed to rediscover her own loves and use her creativity to give back to worthy causes close to her heart and ultimately hopes that she can inspire you to do the same.

“We are all so fortunate to be in this life together and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate everything I have. Live life to the full, take risks, don’t quit your dreams, be honest and you’ll go far, have confidence in what you believe, be compassionate, listen well, think before you speak, give back, sin a little, and always, always be happy with yourself…”

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